Outfitter, Guide & Tour Insurance

As an outfitter & guide your work can take you into the great Alaska Frontier!  With the adventure also comes liability.

Protecting your business from the impact of potential customer lawsuits should be the first order of business. And while only a precisely crafted liability insurance policy can shield your business from this expense and stress, it’s usually the last thing business owner’s handle.


Many of our visitors come to Alaska to experience all of the beauty and bounty that the state has to offer.  The outfitter and guide industry is booming and our agency is at the forefront of providing the protection and security needed to ensure your success.

General liability is necessary to protect the business that you’ve worked so hard to build.  It can also be necessary for permitted use on some government land.  Simply put, liability provides coverage for damage to other people and other things.

If your operations include building, contents or equipment we have options to insure those items as well.

Whether your operation takes place on land, lakes, rivers, or the sea P-W Insurance can find a policy to fit your needs.


As Independent Agents we have access to multiple markets to allow us to shop around for the best fit for your operation.  We know that no two guiding operations are alike.  We have the expertise to find you the coverage to cover those risks that could financially cripple your business without the protection of an insurance policy.

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