You need renter’s insurance – but what is it?

January 10, 2020

If you are one of over 100 billion Americans that rents instead of owning your home, renter’s insurance is essential for protecting you and your belongings.

Did you know that even if your landlord has insurance, it does not cover your liability or your personal belongings? Did you know that your car insurance does not protect your personal belongings in the car? Renter’s insurance provides coverage for your personal property in your rental home, in your car, or with you when you travel and also provides liability coverage at your home. For example:

  • Did your clothes burn when your apartment caught fire?
  • Was your backpack with your laptop and camera stolen while you were on vacation in Norway?
  • Was the luggage in your car stolen while you were on a road trip?
  • Did a visiting friend slip and fall in your kitchen because you left a banana peel on the floor?

For all these examples, you would be covered by a Renter’s policy. With most carriers you can get a bundling discount if you have both auto and renters insurance, and in some cases the savings on your car insurance practically pays for your renters insurance!

Renter’s insurance is very affordable and can protect you from losses in your rental home and on the go.