Telematics. Tele-what-ics?!?! How are drivers rated for insurance

August 28, 2018

Telematics! Telematics is a new way of rating drivers for insurance purposes.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the commercials- 2 Forty year old males, side-by-side, split screen, and they’re talking about how they both pay the same insurance rate- they drive identical cars, they’re the same age, live in the same town and yet the guy on the left drives like a maniac and the guy on the right always drives 2 miles under the speed limit and keeps his hands at 10&2 on the steering wheel. Doesn’t it seem unfair that they pay the same rate for insurance??

That’s where telematics come in! Insurance companies are providing their customers with a little device that you attach to your vehicle’s diagnostic panel (super easy- plugs into place in a matter of seconds) and will track your driving habits. It will look at things like quick accelerations, quick braking’s, and the time of day that you’re driving. The best part about this new rating system is that companies aren’t going to give you a surcharge for bad driving habits….buuut they will give you a discount for good driving habits!

I mean who doesn’t want to get rewarded for being a safe driver?! That’s what we expect from our insurance companies right?!

This technology is still a little new so not all our carriers are offering it yet, but soon this will be the standard. Give us a call today and we’ll see if your policy and vehicle qualify for the opportunity for a lower rate!